Condition based maintenance
Date:2022-10-23 Editor:Oukai Bearing

Traditional preventive maintenance methods often lead to unnecessary equipment testing. Through condition based maintenance, you can monitor the operation of key systems in real time and identify potential wear or failure of moving parts according to their development. This makes it easier to schedule service or maintenance intervals.

Lubrication analysis

Proper lubrication can improve energy efficiency and reduce premature bearing failure and machine downtime. However, if the quality of your lubricant is adversely affected, it will have a negative impact on the performance of the machine.

Our lubrication analysis service will detect any lubricant changes that may adversely affect the service life or performance of the machine. Various parameters are studied in the lubrication analysis process: water content, wear and additives, as well as the "fingerprint" of the lubricant. We can also detect particles that indicate abnormal wear or impending failure.

For example, lubricants that have proven to be in poor condition can indicate problems with lubricant selection, water ingress, grease volume, or periodic lubrication intervals.

For analysis, send used lubricant samples and reference samples of unused lubricants to OKAI lubrication laboratory for analysis.

Then, after consultation with lubricating oil and bearing experts, make recommendations, which will highlight the correct measures to be taken to extend the service life of the lubricating oil and/or the machine.

Condition Monitoring - System Installation

Mechanical failures cause manufacturing companies around the world to lose a lot of productivity and revenue. This is of course a major problem, but in many cases, the solution that can be avoided is state monitoring.

The perfect condition monitoring system allows you to detect the signs of mechanical failure well before the failure occurs, so as to help you determine the priority of maintenance tasks and solve the problem before the failure occurs. This proactive approach reduces maintenance costs and maximizes production.

OKAI provides installation and commissioning services for online status monitoring system. From determining your condition monitoring requirements and system specifications to final inspection and transfer to your operation, we can provide all help. We have extensive experience in condition monitoring and know what it takes to create a reliable and powerful system.

Design services

Our experience in condition monitoring design enables us to provide customized solutions based on your specific requirements. Optimize all available resources to detect failures.


We will install the online monitoring system on your assets. All projects follow strict specifications; Proper installation can extend the service life and improve efficiency, which will protect your investment in the long run. We and your company's best practices will also be considered during the installation process.

Test run.

This is the key to the success of the project, because it confirms the quality of the installed technology through strict testing. This phase can also improve the configuration of the analysis software to achieve the maximum diagnostic potential.

sustainable development

After installation, we will provide services and packages, including training, audit and software upgrade.

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