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Date:2022-10-23 Editor:Oukai Bearing

Each project is unique due to different industries, applications, requirements, scales, and financial conditions. We are cooperating with customers from all walks of life every day. Although customers have different application conditions and company sizes, involving industries from industry, automobile to aerospace and shipbuilding, our application engineers have rich experience in rotating equipment, have in-depth understanding of the operation of equipment components, and can provide support to meet your needs at any time.

Technical consultation

In order to meet the increasing demand of the market, you may need to develop a new gearbox with higher power to improve the existing gas turbine; Or you need to design a new generation of wind turbines with higher power ratio; Or you need to design or optimize equipment to increase your competitive advantage and bring success to your customers.

However, such development projects can be very extensive and demanding. In order to successfully carry out technology development projects, you need to have different knowledge, such as advanced professional computing and materials experts. – But sometimes your company may not have all the expertise. At this time, OKAI's technical consulting services can help you.

We have experienced engineers and project managers who can provide all kinds of support, from materials science, lubrication and tribology knowledge to using unique simulation programs to verify your new design.

We can help you:

Optimize the quality and performance of the design

Reduce time to market with faster design validation and professional testing;

Find out the root cause of bearing and equipment failure.

Numerical simulation and design

In the product development stage, design problems are difficult to find, but easy to repair. Although it is easy to find after the product is launched, the repair cost is high. OKAI can help you reduce total costs by shortening product development time and achieving the right design from the start.

Our experts can improve or even replace expensive and time-consuming physical tests. We analyze new equipment including bearings and all other machine parts at the design stage using proprietary software. These analyses can be used to determine the performance and reliability to be optimized. Our "Six Sigma Design" tool can help you in concept selection and evaluation, as well as risk assessment technology.

In addition, with advanced computing and simulation tools, we can increase your technical knowledge in the application field and reduce risks by determining the most critical and possible design improvement optimization. We can deal with complex designs and evaluate design parameters that are difficult to measure experimentally. These measures can minimize field testing, help your products get to the market in a short time, reduce costs, and optimize performance.

Root cause analysis

The faults or failures are large or small, but they have one thing in common: they reduce the utilization rate of the factory. In order to take effective measures to deal with the failure and prevent it from happening again, it is necessary to understand the root cause.

A systematic approach is adopted to deal with root cause analysis. During this period, repeated failures and serious events are eliminated one by one, which can not only increase plant utilization, but also reduce maintenance costs and have a positive impact on environment, health and safety.

Successful root cause analysis is usually the result of teamwork, which requires the use of structured work methods and involves various professional fields.

We can train your personnel to conduct root cause analysis and help you implement effective processes through relevant templates and tools. We can also conduct root cause analysis for specific faults or failures. You can also choose a combination method, that is, we train your personnel first, and then participate in one or more analyses.

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