Agricultural machinery
Date:2021-08-23 Editor:Oukai Bearing

The increasing demands of modern agriculture, scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make every farm unique. Farm equipment needs to operate under many similar challenging conditions. Mud, dust and debris are everywhere. The temperature is extremely hot and extremely cold. The rain washed away. Sometimes there are corrosive chemicals. After a long period of inactivity, high-intensity operations are required. Rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations can only complicate the problem.

Agricultural solutions can meet these needs, and we understand the needs of modern farmers. We walked into their farmland together to discuss their challenges and concerns. We work closely with original equipment manufacturers to develop solutions to practical problems, and then test whether the solutions are feasible in our laboratories and working farms.

Agricultural solutions-develop a range of products and services to help original equipment manufacturers and farmers meet the growing needs of the ever-changing industry. Regardless of the product-from complex combinations to specialized accessories-agricultural solutions benefit end users: reduced maintenance costs, extended equipment life, reduced fuel and grease usage, higher automation and precision, equipment Higher working capacity, improved safety and comfort.

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