Storage time of bearings
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Storage time is the period that a bearing can remain in storage in order to avoid adverse effects on operational performance of the bearing. Bearings are coated with a high-quality preservative oil to protect them from corrosion. Long storage times can be attained by storing bearings in their original, unopened and undamaged, packaging. The storage time of bearings also depends on their storage environment conditions. To maintain the potential operating performance of a bearing, We recommends a "first in, first out" inventory policy.

Storage time for open bearings

Typical storage times for open (unsealed) and not lubricated bearings are listed in table 1.

Storage environment conditions

Storage time

Relative air humidity

Ambient temperature



6520 to 25
70 to 75
7520 to 25
70 to 75
7535 to 40
95 to 105

ncontrolled tropical conditions


table 1 - Storage time for open (unsealed) and not lubricated bearings

Storage time for capped bearings

apped bearings (bearings with seals or shields) should be stored for a maximum of three years to avoid deterioration of their grease fill.

Additional storage-related factors
To avoid deterioration of your bearings while in storage, consider these factors:
Store indoors, in a frost- and condensation-free environment, at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 °C (105 °F), avoiding air flow.
Store in vibration-free conditions. Vibration can cause damage to raceways.
Store horizontally, preferably, to avoid damage that could be caused by the bearing falling over.
Do not open or damage the original packaging.

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