What to Know When Choosing Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grease
Date:2022-07-16 Editor:Oukai Bearing

Things to know when choosing a deep groove ball bearing grease. Recently, some people still don't know how to choose the right shaft grease when purchasing bearing grease? From which aspects to choose bearing grease, can the rolling bearing obtain better lubrication effect, so that the rolling bearing can play a stronger performance in the working operation. It is known that bearing grease is a lubricating oil prepared from low-viscosity synthetic lubricating oil and adding various additives such as anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. So how to choose the right bearing grease?

Starting from the basic characteristics of bearing grease, it is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

(1) Base oil type & viscosity The viscosity of the base oil affects the formation of the lubricating film. Common base oils are mineral oil and synthetic oil. The former is a low-cost base oil, and its production process and cost are far simpler and cheaper than synthetic oils.

(2) Thickener.. Thickener is an important part of lubricating grease. The thickening agent is dispersed in the base oil and forms the structural skeleton of the grease, so that the base oil is adsorbed and fixed in the structural skeleton. The water resistance and heat resistance of the grease are mainly determined by the thickener.

(3) Additives. All greases contain additives. However, some additives improve the performance of the base oil itself (antioxidants, viscosity modifiers, detergents, etc.), while others act on rolling bearings and metal surfaces (such as antiwear additives, corrosion inhibitors, friction reducers). The composition of the thickener and base oil divides greases into different types, with different consistency indicated by the NLGI consistency number. Consistency represents the degree of solidity of the grease. The original consistency data is based on a metal cone placed on the surface of a can of grease, and the depth of sinking in 5 seconds measured at 25°C is called penetration or cone penetration. , the data is 0.1 mm (for example: sink 25 mm, then record 250), the recognized test standards are DINISO2137, ASTMD217.

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