It is not advisable to refuel the deep groove ball bearings casually.
Date:2022-07-16 Editor:Oukai Bearing

It is not advisable to add oil to deep groove ball bearings. In actual maintenance, deep groove balls are often swept. In most cases, it is because of lack of maintenance of deep groove balls. Long-term high-speed operation due to lack of grease results in high temperature of the bearing and damage to the bearing, which in turn causes the sweeping of the deep groove ball, thereby damaging the deep groove ball. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure rate of deep groove balls, it is necessary to regularly repair and maintain deep groove ball bearings, test the temperature of deep groove ball bearings, find problems in time, and refuel regularly. So how long does it take to refuel deep groove balls? What is the fill amount? What kind of grease to choose? The filling amount is generally between 1/2 and 2/3, and the lubrication effect is not good if it is added less, and the overheating of the deep groove ball bearing will be caused by adding too much.

Generally, two-pole deep groove balls are filled once every six months, and four-pole deep groove balls are filled once a year. They can also be filled according to the time required by some deep groove ball factories for bearings. They are generally calculated by operating hours. For minor repairs and supplementary lubricating oil, you can remove some of the lubricating oil in the deep groove ball bearing according to the situation, and then add a little lubricating oil. If it is overhauled, it needs to be completely replaced. First, take the motor rotor out of the stator, then clean it with gasoline, and wait until it is completely dry before refueling. But don't add too much oil, otherwise the deep groove ball bearing will be easily damaged by heat.

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