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Date:2021-08-23 Editor:Oukai Bearing

The machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and the basic production method of the equipment industry. It is the basic equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry. It mainly serves industries such as automobiles, military industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power equipment, railway locomotives, and ships.

Due to the key role of the machine tool industry in the competitiveness of the national defense industry and manufacturing industry, the Chinese government has elevated the machine tool industry to a strategic position and listed the development of large-scale, precise, high-speed CNC equipment and functional components as one of the country's important revitalization goals. With the successive introduction of a series of supportive policies, my country's machine tool industry is expected to continue its rapid growth in the next few years, while achieving qualitative breakthroughs in technical capabilities, forming international competitiveness in the field of high-end machine tools, and giving birth to several brands Machine tool enterprise. On the whole, the medium and long-term development momentum of my country's machine tool market will remain relatively strong. China's machine tool industry will enter a period of strategic development opportunities in the next few years.

The machine tool special bearing products that we represent include "precision bearings" and high-level electric spindles with high-speed rotation capabilities, which are launched with pride and solid product capabilities, and brand products "ball screws" based on advanced technology. And to ensure high-quality and high-precision manufacturing technology.

In response to environmental protection requirements in recent years, the first to introduce a grease replenishment system for machine tool spindle bearings. And in the high-speed field that can only be achieved by lubricating oil in the past, a method that can be used with grease lubrication is realized. This system not only contributes to energy saving by greatly suppressing lubricant and air consumption, but also eliminates noise caused by spray and wind noise, and contributes to improving the use environment.

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